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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is a cinema admission? 
A : During a cinema week (Friday through to Thursday) a cinema admission is someone who has paid to see a film in a cinema environment. Cinema admissions are collected by umber of tickets sold by different cinema halls on a weekly basis.

Q : How long is the production lead time? 
A : The lead time from approved copy to getting your ad on screen is 7 days.

Q : What is the difference between a consecutive and an alternate week campaign? 
A : A consecutive week campaign runs continuously from beginning to end. An alternate week campaign is run on alternate weeks, i.e. one week on, one week off (an alternate week campaign, therefore, requires less prints). 

Q : What is the cost of production? 
A : The production cost is the cost of converting your advert onto the 70mm prints needed for cinema projection. This includes the transfer cost and cost for the number of prints produced. Our Production team will be able to give specific costs.

Q : What is production cost based on? 
A : The production cost is based on the transfer cost, number of prints required, Censor Certificate and copy length.

Q : What is the minimum length of a cinema ad? 
A : 30 seconds.

Q : What format does production need to be in? 
A : Production is really easy, just supply your ad in the following format and we'll take care of the rest:
  • .Digibeta
Q : How many screens will I be on? 
A : This depends on the campaign, ask your representative at Indian Cine ads for specific details. 

Q : Can I book last in reel? 
A : Yes, however, It depends on the availability of the space.

Q : Do I have to book a whole week or can I buy day parts? 
A : Cinema advertising space is sold by the week, Friday to Thursday.

Q : What is the minimum period you can buy cinema for? 
A : 1 Week.Is more than one ad copy an extra cost?  Yes, a different copy is effectively a new campaign.