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production and clearanceOur Production Department can easily transfer your commercial to film. Find full details of production timescales and CAA Clearance below.

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Our Production Department can easily transfer your commercial to film. We have invested in the best range of services and leading facility houses to provide the highest possible quality at the most competitive prices in cinema advertising.  Find out all you need to know about the production process below or call a member of the Production Department with any queries.

Production Time 
Please allow 8 working days from the point of submission for cinema clearance to Friday of exhibition.  The schedule below is only applicable if Digital Cinema Media is handling all the cinema production. Prints coming from any other source carry a 10 working day deadline. 

Day Wise Detail
Day 1: Receipt of BETA tape for Censor Board Clearance
Day 2: Submit clearance materials to Censor Board for clearance
Day 3 & 4: Obtain Censor Board certificate,
Day 5 & 6 Get the RTC done.
Day 7 & 8 Getting the prints delivered to the respective cinema halls.

Cinema Clearance

The Central Board of Film Certification ( Popularly known as Censor Board ) is the regulatory body and censorship board of India. It reviews film, television ads, and promotional material.

Although the CBFC has the legal power of censorship, it operates similarly to the MPAA of the United States. However, the rating system of the CBFC is different from that of the MPAA. Promotional materials and TV ads are also censored by the CBFC.

The rating system of Films is as follows:

U : Unrestricted Public Exhibition: This rating is given to films suitable for 'family viewing'. A movie with 'U' rating contains no or mild violence and sensuality.
This rating is similar to G of the MPAA.

U/A : Unrestricted Public Exhibition but with parental guidance for children below 12 years. This rating is given to a movie which contains mild violence, language and sensuality. The movie may contain some material that is unsuitable for children under 12.
This rating is similar to 12A of BBFC and PG-13 of the MPAA.

A : Adults: 'A' Films are meant for Adult audience above 18 years only. However, in practice most theatre owners in India never ask for identification and often even children below 10 years can be seen in theatres showing A rated films. This rating is given to a movie which contains heavy dose of violence, sexuality, frightening images and language.
This rating is similar to R of the MPAA;

S : Specialised Audience: This rating is given very rarely and signifies that the film is meant for specialised audience such as Doctors etc.